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Dianabol 10mg Guide and Reviews (FACTS & SAFE ALTERNATICE

Dianabol 10mg Guide and Reviews (FACTS & SAFE ALTERNATICE

Is dianabol 10 mg enough to provide benefits? Even though 10 mg is a low dose, you will still gain a lot of benefits as this detailed guide will show.

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Dianabol pills, also known as methandrostenolone or dbol, is an anabolic steroid that is used for improving physical strength, muscle building, toning and definition.

Most dbol steroids are in tablet or pill shape, but it’s also available as in injectable and in liquid form.

It is also in various doses, but for the purposes of this review we will focus on 10 mg.

The Major Benefits of Methandrostenolone (Dianabol 10mg)

Dianabol is popular for a reason, and mainly it’s because it provides a lot of benefits that other steroids and muscle supplements cannot match.

Among the advantages it provides are the following:

  • Enhanced muscle tone: these steroids don’t just increase your muscles, as it also tones the existing ones you have so they look better. It is not an exaggeration to say that dbol pills literally sculpt your body.
  • Removes excess fat: dbol can be used in a cutting cycle and remove excess body fat. One of the keys to building mass is to eat more, and that will result in gaining some body fat. With d ball steroids you can eliminate them completely.
  • Boost in muscle strength: your muscles don’t just get bigger: you become stronger as well. The longer you take dbol the more your body can make optimum use of its new energy source.

These are just some of the benefits that dbol can bring, and even with a 10 mg dose you will be able to feel its effects.

This is actually one of the reasons why a lot of bodybuilders prefer this: you don’t need to take a lot to experience the benefits, whereas other steroids require you to take a lot and in high doses right away.

Pills vs Injections

Dianabol tablets are the most widely used, but as indicated earlier dbol is also available as an injectable, and this has led to a debate as to which is better.

Both have their pros and cons, but for beginners, the tablets and pills are preferable for several reasons.

More than anything, the dianabol dosage is very important for beginners: if you’re starting out with 10 mg, you must not go over that.

With dianabol steroids in tablet form, you will never make a mistake because each tablet or pill is 10 mg.

With an injectable it’s too easy to make a mistake and end up with too much or too little.

Dianabol 10mg Side Effects and Solution/Advice

Pharmaceutical steroids generally don’t have any side effects, and it is for this reason why a lot of people prefer to go to that option.

If you want to take regular dbol, the most likely side effect you will experience are a drop in your testosterone level and testicular atrophy.

With regards to testicular atrophy, this is reported by a lot of dbol users, but there is no need to panic because the effect is short lived.

Once you start a dbol cycle, your testicles might shrink (it might not; not everyone experiences this side effect), but at the end of the cycle, your testicles should return to their normal size.

As for testosterone level drops, this can be easily remedied by taking a test booster during your dbol cycle.

However you should only take the test booster if your testosterone actually drops, otherwise there is no need to.

So while methandrostenolone side effects are real, by no means does it mean you cannot take it as there are workarounds.

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The Important Properties of Dianabol and How to get Maximum Results

Regardless of the dbol dosage you take, its properties do not change.

At its heart all dbol dose consists of powerful elements that have very particular androgenic qualities.

Its anabolic to androgenic ratio equal is 90-210:40-60 and has a 300.44mg/mol molecular weight.

Its chemical formula is C20H288O2 and its full chemical composition is 17a-methyl-17b-hydroxy-1, 4-androstadien-3-one 1-Dehydro-17.

Whether you are taking the raw dbol or a methandrostenolone alternative such as DBAL, the only way you can take full advantage of its potential is to take the proper dosage.

Contrary to what some believe, sudden increases in the dosage will not result in rapid muscle gains, and quite the opposite could happen as your body has not had the time to adapt the changes.

When 10mg is Right and When to Increase For Maximum Results

If you want to know how to take dianabol, it really is not that hard as you just take the pill or tablet and swallow it with a glass of water.

You take the 10 mg once a day or twice a day if it is a 5 mg pill. As to the question when 10 mg is right, the 10 mg dose is sufficient if you are a beginner.

This dosage is also just right for women and if you are stacking dbol with more powerful, high dosage steroids.

If you are going to buy dianabol for the first time, stick with 10 mg and consume the whole bottle or at least until you have done a couple of cycles.

At this point the 10 mg dianabol dose is going to give you an idea of what to expect if you up this to dianabol 50mg.

Keep in mind that the 50 mg dose is for advanced users who have given their bodies enough time to get used to the steroid.

Bottom line: if you want maximum results from dbol, start off with 10 mg and see how your body reacts.

If you don’t feel any side effects and want more in terms of muscle and strength, it’s time to move on to more high dose methandrostenolone pills.

Before you buy, be prepared to spend some time researching the web to look for reliable and dependable manufacturers.

Don’t buy from unknown vendors as there’s no telling what their steroids actually contain.

Dosage and Stacking

If you are going to buy methandrostenolone in UK or USA it is inevitable that you will run into the subject of stacks.

Stacking simply means taking dbol with other steroids to further improve performance.

The nice thing about dianabol is that it is one of the most flexible anabolic steroids out there.

What this means is you can combine it with a lot of other steroid supplements and not feel any adverse interactions.

Since you’re just getting started, you may not even need to stack as it’s all about adjusting, but others would recommend stacking with a testosterone booster as it can help balance your T levels during the cycle.

During your first cycle, combine dbol and testosterone, taking the appropriate dosages of course, and don’t add anymore until the cycle has ended.

Once your first cycle has concluded, you can think about adding more steroids to your stack.

Aside from testosterone, you can stack dianabol with anadrol, deca durabolin or trenbolone.

These are all powerful steroids and will produce better results in terms of muscle and strength gain.


Before you buy methandrostenolone 10 mg, there are a lot of things that you need to mull over, as was demonstrated here.

While you need to do your homework so to speak, the fact remains that it’s not as dangerous as some people make it out to be.

As long as you are knowledgeable about the doses you’re taking and why you’re taking them, there should be no worries.

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