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Anavar Results Women (BEST FATLOSS, LEAN DOSE)

SHEENA Incredible Var Body Transformation and Testimony: She used legal Anavar known as ANVAROL to achieved this awesome sexy body physique.Listen to her testimony: “Maintained muscle mass during cutting phase – no fluid retention. Dropped 4% of fat in time I was using product without drastic measures – was still able to eat carbs and good size portions. No loss of strength even on reduced calories. Able to complete more reps. I must say I was a little dubious about this product having taken the “real deal” however have been pleasantly surprised. I have used it during my cutting phase to prepare for a competition so no real muscular growth noted however in saying that I have not lost any either. I have noticed how easy it has been to lean down without having to taken the usual drastic measures. In fact I am still having carbs and have not had to cut them out totally this time around. So I would definitely recommend to anyone thinking of trying it.”

CLICK Here to Read More about ANVAROL Pills from CrazybulkWhen viewing Anavar results, many experts tend to have differing opinions on whether or not it’s worth using this powerful steroid for enhancing bodybuilding results.

While potentially risky if misused, Anavar has many qualities, and can help you achieve the lean body you’ve always dreamed of…

…especially when going for Anavar alternatives that are safe and legal to use, but provide the very same positive effects as the original steroid.

What Is Anavar Truly Able to Do?

Also known as Oxandrolone, Anavar is one of the most well-known steroids ever used in bodybuilding.

Whether you use it as part of a standalone Anavar cycle for men or women, or as part of a powerful cutting cycle alongside other steroid products, Anavar can offer some truly remarkable results.

Here are just a few of the exceptional benefits it was most often associated with:

  • The compound is, first of all, a very powerful cutting agent. It will help you burn fat at an extremely fast rate, while also helping you in maintaining the maximum amount of muscle mass possible – due to its significant anticatabolic properties.
  • It is considered the ideal steroid to take when attempting to create a rock-solid physique with highly defined muscles.
  • The effects of Anavar will stay active in the body for up to 12 hours, so that with safe and accurate dosages you can achieve perfect results.
  • One of the best advantages for men using Anavar is that the steroid will not aromatize and turn into estrogen – a problem quite common when it comes to stronger steroids.
  • With correct PCT, the gains provided by Anavar are most often quite permanent.
  • Legal Anavar supplements are available with the very same positive advantages as Oxandrolone, but none of the associated side effects, legal issues or any prescriptions required.

As long as you choose the best Anavar supplement available on the market, you can cut fat levels in no time at all, while setting your body up for the powerful muscle gains that will arrive later on, during your bulking cycle.

However, what really makes Anavar results stand out is its use as part of cutting stacks.

Cutting Stacks

The use of Anavar for women and men can be enhanced through its addition to a powerful cutting stack made up of other steroid supplements.

Integrating it ideally into your cutting cycle will, of course, require some care and consideration, and it will depend on how much fat you want to burn, how intense your workouts will be and what your diets will normally consist of.

One of the most highly effective cutting stacks used by athletes is the CrazyBulk Cutting Stack which uses four powerful legal steroid supplements to enhance your cutting cycle to its highest limits:

  • Anvarol (Var/Oxadrolone Alternative) – a powerful legal Anavar supplement designed to eliminate fat without reducing muscle mass;
  • Testosterone Max – a strong testosterone booster;
  •  Clenbutrol – a fat burning agent that can also enhance testosterone and growth hormone levels;
  • Winidrol – for improved performance and rock-hard muscles.

This is probably one of the best and safest cutting stacks you can use, and it is also available at an affordable cost.

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Effects on Women

When it comes to Anavar for women, there is much to talk about.

The steroid is actually one of the most effective tools that female athletes can depend on, and some believe that Anavar – used in a proper dosage – is more efficient in the case of women than men.

Because of its specific characteristics, the “girl steroid” – as Anavar is often nicknamed – does not lead to virilization and aromatization, and very rarely exhibits any negative side effects with regards to female bodybuilders or athletes exhibiting masculine characteristics when using Anavar.

Dosage for Women

One of the best Anavar dosage recommendations for women attempting to improve their bodybuilding practices with effective cutting cycles suggests an 8-week cycle…

…with the gradual increase of the Anavar dosage from 2.5 mg during the first week to about 10 mg during the last.

Cutting stacks such as the CrazyBulk stack are also available and quite safe for women, producing excellent results in as little as a single month of use.

Vital TIPS for Ladies: You may not use the Testosterone but stacking Anvarol with Winidrol and Clenbutrol will give you amazing gains and life-changing physique you’ll be proud to show off!

Anavar Side Effects

Proper dosage for Anavar varies greatly from one individual to another…

Women normally need to use significantly lower doses than men, and great care has to be taken when it comes to using pure Anavar for bodybuilding, as it may produce unexpected and sometimes severe side effects.

If misused, the side effects may include heart problems, high blood pressure, liver and kidney problems, and various complications for women who are lactating, people who have had a stroke in the past, or individuals with liver damage.

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Consider Pharma Anavar Such as Anvarol

Properly dosed, legal Anavar alternative like ANVAROL by Crazybulk brought highest quality effectiveness to the table, since 2004.

And the good news is that, women taking advantage of this high graded Anavar alternative not only experiencing better fitness improvement, toning body into sexy shape – no side effects reported.

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Anavar Steroid Guide (WOMEN & MEN)- Result, Dosage, Cycle

Often referred to as the girl steroid, Anavar is perhaps the mildest anabolic steroid around. Find out everything you need to know about this steroid in this article.

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Anavar is one of the most popular anabolic steroids known to man.

It was introduced to the market in the ‘60s by Searle Laboratories as Oxandrolone.

It was specifically made for patients who need to bulk up after losing weight due to medical conditions like chronic infection, trauma, and after undergoing surgery.

In 1989, the company stopped production of Anavar Oxandrolone partly due to pressure from the US Food and Drug Administration.

But other firms have since picked up production of this anabolic steroid, enabling millions of body builders to improve their strength, physique, and hasten weight loss.

Anavar is considered a mild anabolic steroid that it is often fondly referred to as the girl steroid.

It comes in 2.5 milligram tablet. It is so mild that even children can take it for therapeutic use.

Uniqueness of Anavar Steroid

What makes Anavar different from other anabolic steroid is its ability not to aromatize. This means it won’t convert to estrogen.

Because of this trait it can spare guys from estrogen-related side effects like the dreaded man boobs or gynecomastia.

Anavar can also cause the increase of nitric oxide in the body. This causes enhanced protein synthesis and results to bigger muscles on the part of the user.

Since it is a mild steroid, Anavar has become a favorite supplement amongst women bodybuilders.

It can give them a significant boost in strength and muscle endurance without having to worry about getting male-like characteristics like excessive hair or deepening of their voice.

It’s also effective in cutting down body fat in the abs area.

Typical of most oral steroids, it is C17 alpha-alkylated. It is modified at the 17th carbon position, preventing it from being metabolically broken down at the liver.

Yet what separates Anavar from other 17-aa medications is its mild effects on the liver. When the steroid enters the bloodstream, it doesn’t take long for it to become active.

With a short half life of nine hours, Anavar’s daily administration has most users taking it two times a day—once in the morning and another in the evening.

Anavar is usually stacked with a testosterone to improve a cutting cycle and fight off testosterone suppression.

Apart from testosterone, Anavar is often stacked with other steroids like Clenbuterol, Winstrol, human growth hormone (HGH), Nolvadex, and Arimidex.

Stacking Anavar with other steroids can cause impressive gains on any user, especially one looking to show off lean muscles.

Because of its mild nature, Anavar users usually skip post cycle therapy. However, if you decided to have Anavar PCT you can do so with a week or two of using Novaldex or Tamoxifen.

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Anavar Results. More Outstanding Var Benefits

What are the Anavar benefits that have made this anabolic steroid very much coveted in the bodybuilding world?

One of the most important effects of Anavar is the significant increase in strength that it can cause to any user.

Studies have shown that even older men who take Anavar pills can make impressive gains in muscular strength and endurance.

In one study that looked into the effects of oxandrolone on lean body mass, muscle size and maximum voluntary muscle strength…

… 32 men whose ages ranged from 60 to 87 years old were randomly given 20 milligrams of oxandrolone a day. The others were given placebo for the 12 week period.

The participants were asked to do the following exercises— leg press, chest press, and lateral pull downs.

It was found that those who used Anavar were able to make more repetitions of these exercises.

The researchers also discovered that Anavar induced short term improvements not only in strength but also in lean body mass.

Aside from providing strength gains, Anavar can also cause a boost in speed. This makes it a favorite of athletes who compete in events where speed and power are important, like boxing and martial arts.

And because it does not cause a huge build-up in muscle mass, Anavar is very appealing to athletes who want to improve their strength without compromising their speed.

It is classified as a mild anabolic steroid, as shown by its good safety profile. Because it is relatively safe to use, Anavar can be taken by women for bulking purposes at low dosage of up to 15 mg per day.

There’s a very remote chance that a lady bodybuilder would experience adverse side effects like body hair growth when using Anavar for bulking.

As a bulking agent, Anavar pales in comparison with other anabolic steroids like Dianabol and Anadrol. The reason behind this is that it doesn’t cause water retention.

It also does not increase blood volume, which Dianabol does to a certain degree.

Anavar is a great steroid for cutting. As a cutting agent, it can increase the rate at which the body burns off fats, while speeding up lipolysis and fat oxidation.

As far as side effects goes, Anavar has a few. For men, the side effects are hair loss and acne.

However, these side effects are only likely to happen to those who are genetically predisposed to these conditions.

Hence, if you are not genetically predisposed to male pattern baldness, the chances of you losing hair due to Anavar use are very low. The same goes for acne.

Anavar Cycle. Expectation & Results for Women and Men

Due to its mild nature, an Anavar cycle is more beneficial to women than men.

Aside from the good safety profile of this steroid, another reason why an Anavar cycling is great for women is because they tend to respond to it at a better degree than men.

This means that a woman bodybuilder can take a low dose of Anavar and still see significant gains while men have to take a massive amount of the steroid to experience improvements in strength and speed.

There’s also the issue of costs. A 10 milligram tablet costs around $2.

So if a guy would go on an Anavar cycle that has a daily dosage of between 50 milligrams to 80 milligrams a day, he would have to shell out $10 to $16 daily for Anavar alone.

For the female user, an Anavar cycle would only range from 10 to 20 milligrams a day.

Thus, a woman bodybuilder will be able to get more benefits from an Anavar cycle and at a cheaper price than any guy.

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A Sample Anavar Cycle for Beginner Female

For a beginner female user of Anavar, it can be used with Clenbuterol, HGH and Nolvadex, a selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM).

The HGH can be optional, meaning women need not include this in the cycle. This Anavar cycle is intended for women who want to show off their muscles.

This 12-week cycle begins with 20 milligrams a day of Clen and 2iu every day of HGH. On the second week, Clen is increased to 40 milligrams a day. Anavar is to be used only on the third week, with 10 milligrams every day.

There are no changes in the dosage until the eighth week, when Clen dosage is increased to 80. Anavar is to be used only until the 10th week while Nolvadex is to be used on the ninth week. Clen dosage is further increased to 100 mg a day on the 11th week.

An advanced Anavar cycle for women still has the same steroids, with the addition of Primobolan Depot or Metenolone enathate.

This is a cycle great for cutting. However, this should not be tried by any female who has not gone through the beginner Anavar cycle.

In this cycle, Anavar is used on the first week. Dosage is still at 10 mg a day coupled with 20 mg of Clenbuterol and 2iu of HGH every day.

Clenbuterol dosage is increased to 40 mg on the second week.

Anavar use is temporarily stopped on the sixth week, with the user having to take 100 mg of Primobolan Depot every week. Dosage of Clen is also increased to 60 milligrams every day at this point.

The female bodybuilder then has to continue using Anavar on the eight week.

The following week, Primobolan Depot use is stopped while Novaldex is used at dosages of 10 milligrams a day. The cycle ends with 100 milligrams of Clenbuterol on the 12th week.

A Sample Anavar Cycle for Beginner Men

Anavar may be a mild steroid for men but it can be an effective addition for a cutting cycle.

An example of a beginner Anavar cycle for men features Anavar with Clenbuterol, HGH, Testosterone, and Arimidex, an aromatase inhibitor.

In this cycle, Anavar is not used until the fifth week. The first week starts with 100 milligrams of testosterone propionate every day, with 4iu every day of HGH, 40 milligrams every day of Clenbuterol, and 0.6 milligrams every other day of Arimidex. By the third week, Clenbuterol dosage is increased to 60 milligrams every day.

On the fifth week, Anavar should be taken 50 milligrams every day. Clenbuterol dosage is also increased to 80 mg every day. This dosage is increased to 100 milligrams every day on the seventh week, 120 milligrams on the ninth week, and 140 milligrams on the 11th week.

An intermediate Anavar cycle would also run for 12 weeks , and would involve Anavar and Testosterone Enanthate, which is used in this cycle to maintain normal physiological function.

The latter is to be used from weeks 1 to 12 at 100 milligrams every week. Anavar is only to be used from weeks 1 to 8 at dosages of 70 milligrams a day.

This intermediate Anavar cycle is suited for fat loss and cutting thanks to the low TRT dose of testosterone, limiting the amount of estrogen conversion.

An advanced cycle for Anavar would run for eight weeks, with Anavar taken at 100 milligrams a day throughout the entire cycle.

It also features testosterone propionate at 25 milligrams every other day for a total of 100 mg a week, and Trenbolone Acetate at 100 mg every other day for a total of 400 mg a day.

This cycle is suited for any goal such as bulking, fat loss, or cutting. In this cycle, Trenbolone and Anavar serve as the main muscle building anabolic steroids, while testosterone propionate is relegated to a support role of testosterone replacement therapy.

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Anavar for Women. Unique benefits, specific cycle & dosage guides

Anavar is considered as the main anabolic steroid for women. It is recommended for female bodybuilders who want to build new muscles, trim excess body fats, or become more ripped.

Unlike other anabolic steroids, Anavar can be used safely by women without fear of virilizing effects.

For most women, a dosage as low as 10 milligrams a day would be enough to achieve whatever goal they have. The highest dose that women should take is 20 milligrams.

Although Anavar is so mild that it can cause very minimal side effects, the risks of those side effects also increase significantly as the dose goes above the 20 milligram level.

The most commonly reported side effect of Anavar is virilization, although as mentioned earlier the risks are very low if women don’t take more than 20 milligrams of the steroid every day.

Virilization pertains to appearance of masculine characteristics like body hair growth, deepening of the voice, and swelling of external sex organs.

Again, the risks of side effects to women are very low if they follow the recommended doses and cycle length. (See the above table again).

But if a lady bodybuilder experiences virilization at low dose, she ought to discontinue use and the symptoms would surely disappear after a few days.

Anavar women can be stacked with other performance enhancers. These include Clenbuterol, Winstrol, Primobolan, HGH, Cytomel, and Nolvadex.

Anavar Dosage. Possible costs, minimal dose and results

Doses of Anavar for men may vary depending on the goal. For guys who want to benefit from an increase in speed and athletic performance, 20 to 30 mg a day should be enough.

However there are those who use up to 50 milligrams a day.

For cutting cycles, Anavar 50mg to 80 mg a day is highly effective. However, as mentioned earlier, taking up to 80 milligrams a day of Anavar can be quite expensive given that a 10 mg tablet of the steroid costs around $2.

An Anavar cycle for men is safe as long as it is used for not more than eight weeks.

For female bodybuilders, standard Anavar dose should range from 5 to 10 milligrams a day.

Most women would tolerate Anavar 10 mg extremely well. Like in men, an Anavar cycle is safe if it is in the six to eight week range.

Anavar Only Cycle. Should you use alone or stack?

Anavar only cycles are often undertaken by novice users of this steroid to avoid steroidal side effects and to check if they can tolerate the drug.

When used alone, Anavar is considered to be a great fat-burning steroid. Numerous studies have shown that using Anavar only can cause reduction in abdominal and visceral fat.

Some studies also confirm that Anavar, when taken in low doses of 20 mg a day, can cause reduction in trunk and appendicular fat.

Anavar’s effects on weight gain may also last long even after a bodybuilder discontinues use of this steroid.

One study showed that participants who gained weight with the use of Anavar were able to maintain their frame six months after they stopped taking this steroid.

Because of this feature, Anavar only cycles are also great for wrestlers and athletes classed by weight, and who have to pass drug tests for their competitions.

It is widely believed anavar users can pass drug tests, but they can also maintain the gains they have achieved from an Anavar only cycle.

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What You Know Before You Buy Anavar

A lot of athletes purchase Anavar because it gives them a boost in power and speed without damaging side effects.

To say that Anavar is one of the safest anabolic steroids ever would be an understatement as most of those who take it would be able to tolerate it, with very rare side effects.

However, this steroid appeals mostly to bodybuilders who want are looking to show off their lean muscles. Bulking with Anavar isn’t the best reason to buy this performance enhancer.

Anavar for Sale – Vital factors to guide you

Usually, bodybuilders would turn to underground labs in hopes of getting a bottle or two of Anavar.

While the truth is that a lot of labs carry this steroid, you’ll be surprised that sourcing of Anavar can be more difficult as it seems given the high demand for this performance enhancer.

Shopping for Anavar from underground labs can also expose you to low-quality and cheap Anavar tablets, which could eventually catch up on you as you may not get the desired results from the use of this performance enhancer.

As such, you would want to buy Anavar from legal sources, or those that have products which have been researched and tested to be safe and effective for use of bodybuilders.

You can buy Anavar online safely as there are numerous legit distributors of this mild steroid.

However check the laws on steroid use in your country, as there are territories where open distribution and purchase of steroids like Anavar are forbidden.

With the impressive gains you can get from using Anavar and its very minimal risks of side effects, why don’t you consider taking this steroid anytime soon?

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Clenbuterol Cycle (EXPERT GUIDE 4 SUCCESS) Men, Women

Which clenbuterol cycle is best for you? Get the answer you’re looking for in this guide.

A lot has been said about clenbuterol cycle dosage but some of the information you read online is incomplete or just plain wrong, so this article will clear everything up. If you want to lose weight and burn fat with clen, you’ve got to grasp the facts.

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What Does Clenbuterol Cycle Mean?

Clenbuterol results depend on your dosage and the cycle. A cycle is defined as the length of time you take clen, whether you are taking clen alone or with other strength enhancers, steroids etc.

Clenbuterol cycle beginners last for two weeks, but now a growing number are going with the four week cycle, and experienced ones use the 6 or 8 week cycle.

Major Advantage or Benefits of Clen Cycle

Clenbuterol cycle bodybuilding offers several benefits, the most well-known being helping you lose body fat. Even if you go on a diet and work out regularly, there will be fats like those around your stomach area that will be hard to remove.

In these cases starting a clenbuterol cycle will help since it’s going to do increase your metabolism and get your fat cells worked up, the end result being it burns up your calories and body fat at faster than normal rates.

It usually takes around two to four weeks before you notice the difference, and if you’re looking for the best diet pills that work fast you are not going to find anything that comes even close.

But aside from losing weight and fat, clen also preserves your lean muscle tissue: a common problem among men and women is their muscle gains are lost when they get off the cycle, and by the time they resume it is back to square one. Because clen preserves your lean muscle tissues, this won’t be a cause for concern.

Finally, clen is not exclusively for weight loss because it may be combined with other steroids to enhance your physical strength and muscle building.

Also, the side effects – feeling jittery and shaking – are mild and disappear within a few days as your body gets used to it.

Clenbuterol Cycle for Men

This clenbuterol cycle guide for men will show you how much to take during a cycle.

When you do start, keep a clenbuterol cycle log so you can keep track of the changes and how much progress you’re making. Note that this cycle includes oxandrolone: if you want a clen only cycle, refer to the male beginner’s cycle below.

  • Week 1: clen 20 mcg / day / Oxandrolone 40 mgs / day
  • Week 2: clen 40 mcg / day / Oxandrolone 40 mgs / day
  • Week 3: clen off / Oxandrolone 40 mgs / day
  • Week 4: clen off / Oxandrolone 40 mgs / day
  • Week 5: clen 40 mcg / day / Oxandrolone 40 mgs / day
  • Week 6: clen 60 mcg / day / Oxandrolone 40 mgs / day
  • Week 7 and 8: clen and Oxandrolone off
  • Week 9: clen 60 mcg / day
  • Week 10: clen 80 mcg / day

The clenbuterol cycle length and dosage may be adjusted to suit specific needs. More advanced users may start off with a higher dosage (i.e., 40 mcg) and increase the maximum dosage up to 140 mcg.

This is certainly possible but in the cycle above it isn’t necessary because you are already taking oxandrolone, which complements clen. However you do have the option to increase it if your body is ready.

If you go online you’re going to find and read a lot of different opinions about clen: how to use it, when to use it, what to stack it with and so on.

It’s easy to get confused with all these since a lot of the information seem to be contradictory. What you have to understand is that clen has different effects on the body, and while the general result is the same for all –fat loss- the time it takes to work varies.

The bottom line is this: if you’re an advanced user, start with the cycle given above and then feel free to make adjustments and tweaks later on.

You can for instance, try the on / off again burst cycles.

Essentially what you do here is take clen for a specific number of days of weeks, stop for the same duration and resume with a higher dosage.

So if you take 40 mcg of clen for 2 weeks, you stop for 2 weeks and resume, only this time with 50 mcg or 60 mcg for another two weeks, and so on.

Clenbuterol Cycle for Women

This is a clenbuterol cycle for female athletes as well as women who generally want to lose body fat.

  • Week 1: clen 10 mcg / day / GSK-516 10 mgs /day
  • Week 2: clen 20 mcg /day / GSK-516 10 mgs /day
  • Week 3: clen off / GSK-516 10 mgs / day
  • Week 4: clen off / GSK-516 10 mgs / day
  • Week 5: clen 20 mcg / day / GSK-516 10 mgs / day
  • Week 6: clen 30 mcg / day / GSK-516 10 mgs / day

If you’re going on a liquid clenbuterol cycle, the same dosage will have to be taken, so make sure you take the proper measurement so you don’t overdo it. Just like with the cycle for men, the cycle above may be customized if you want to use clenbuterol weight loss in a specific manner.

This cycle is intended to provide maximum weight and body fat loss, something that other fat burning supplements cannot match, but beginners might find the dosage a bit too high.

If you’ve been using clen or other strength boosters, the 10 mcg starting dose won’t be an issue, but if you have never tried this before, you can start with 5 mcg, but most women find the 10 mcg starting dosage to be sufficient.

80 mcg is the limit for most women but others can handle 100 mcg. But even 80 mcg is for the advanced user, and if you are progressing nicely even with less than 80 mcg, you can stay there. But if you want maximum benefits, you need to increase the dosage to the maximum level that you can tolerate.

Clen Cycle for Beginner; Male

If you buy clenbuterol and have never tried it before, go with a clen only cycle for now just to see the results.

  • Week 1: 20 mcg
  • Week 2: 40 mcg
  • Week 3: 60 mcg
  • Week 4: 80 mcg
  • Week 5: 100 mcg
  • Week 6: 120 mcg
  • Week 7: 130 mcg
  • Week 8: 140 mcg

Regardless of the clenbuterol dosage you take there’s going to be some side effects such as shaking, the jitters and other sensations similar to when you take stimulants, but these will disappear when your body gets accustomed to it.

Aside from shaking and the jitters, you might get an occasional headache, but that’s nothing to worry about. If you’ve been looking for diet pills that work you’re better off with clen as it’s more potent and doesn’t cause any long term ill effects.

Furthermore, you can do a lot more with it such as stacking for bodybuilding and fitness purposes. Another advantage clen has over diet pills is you can modify the dosage and combine it with other steroids to get maximum benefits.

Clen Cycle for Beginner; Female

There are lots of products claiming to be the best diet pills for women, but none of them work as well as clen. Even without any stacking, women will get positive results, as the following cycle will show.

  • Day 1: 5 mcg
  • Day 2: 10 mcg
  • Day 3: 20 mcg
  • Day 4: 30 mcg
  • Day 5: 40 mcg
  • Day 6 to Day 12: 50 mcg
  • Day 13: 60 mcg
  • Day 14: 80 mcg

Clenbuterol side effects for women are similar to men, but if you keep the dosage low as recommended here, there won’t be any long term issues.

Remember that all medications, when taken in appropriate amounts, is going to cause problems so don’t take more than you should. Always listen to what your body is saying, and it’s for that reason why it’s ideal to start with low dose.

If you’re looking for clenbuterol for sale make certain that it’s the legal version.

The original clen is either a controlled substance or banned in some countries, and you cannot get any without a doctor’s prescription.

If you buy legal clen, it’s like buying OTC slimming pills: you can order as many as you want and not worry about a thing.

The cycles given here are just among the many you will come across on the Internet. For first timer users of clen, start with the beginners’ cycle and determine if it’s sufficient to meet your goal.

Usually it is, but you can increase the dosage for more powerful effects or when you’re trying to work out and cut the last remaining excess fat in your body. And last but not the least, work out and eat right.

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Anavar Results (MALE & FEMALE GUIDE) – Safe Lean Body

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Before looking at the Anavar result some basic information will be necessary.

Anavar (or Var as it is sometimes called) is an anabolic steroid typically used by fitness enthusiasts during the cutting phase (body fat elimination).

Unlike other steroids, Var doesn’t aromatize and you don’t have to worry about developing man boobs or feeling of bloating.

Apart from cutting, the steroid also preserves your muscle gains and stimulates muscle repair, and it also has weight loss properties.

Anavar Results for Weightlifters, Athletes, Bodybuilders and Others

The type of oxandrolone cycle you’ll use will determine the results. If you’re a bodybuilder, don’t expect much from Anavar alone because it’s not meant for serious bulking up.

(If you’re interested to bulk up with huge muscle, you may read the Bulking Stack report here)

You can gain mass with it though especially when combined with other steroids, and any mass you do gain is going to be pure lean tissue with no excess fat or water.

On the other hand, male bodybuilders and weightlifters in the cutting phase will benefit immensely.

Because of its mild properties, women on Anavar, whether they’re weightlifters or bodybuilders, will reap benefits more quickly than men.

Assuming you don’t overdose and take the right amount there’s little chance you’ll suffer side effects like masculine characteristic development.

Both men and women can use this steroid during their diet or growth phase.

Female athletes will benefit from Var if their goal is to build lean muscle tissue, and to some extent it helps during the bulking phase as well.

One of the steroid’s effects on the female body is heightened hormone sensitivity, and by increasing your calorie intake will produce noticeable results.

Male athletes aren’t going to benefit much if they use Anavar for men to increase mass.

The steroid alone isn’t enough for significant mass gain, but if you want to use it for bulking, 80 to 100 mg daily is required.

The bottom line: male bodybuilders, weightlifters and athletes will get the maximum benefits by using the steroid for reducing body fat.

Women will benefit in terms of cutting, bulking and lean muscle tissue buildup, while men need to take significant amounts for bulking as several Anavar before and after testimonials will attest to.

However the best route is to stack with steroids such Dbol, Testosterone, Trenbolone.

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How to Use Anavar to Get the Best Results

Anavar results for men will vary depending on your physical condition, diet and the type of workout you do, so even if two individuals take the same amount there is no guarantee results will be identical.

The steroid should be taken with a full meal, and each cycle should not last more than 8 weeks.

Some fitness enthusiasts take a liver supplement, but this really isn’t necessary as there’s minimal effect on your organs.

For men:

Men can start with 40/mg day, as this will give the body time to adjust. If there are no side effects, increase the dosage to 80/mg to 100/mg a day.

You can take Anavar alone or stack it up with other supplements. Note: the dosage should be taken twice a day, so if you’re starting with 40 mg, take 20 twice a day, and for 80 mg, that’s 40 mg twice and so on.

As many Anavar reviews point out, this steroid is most effective when your main objective is cutting body fat. For best results include some kind of exogenous testosterone in your stack.

Testosterone is essential in the cycle because anabolic steroids limit testosterone production, plus testosterone is one of the most versatile hormones.

The best stacking options for men are:

  • Winstrol
  • Trenbolone
  • Equipoise
  • Masteron (Drostanolone propionate)
  • Methenolone
  • Nandrolone Phenylpropionate
  • HGH
  • Testosterone

You can also stack Methandrostenolone with Anavar, and it’s recommended for those who are bulking up, and it’s also used to ensure your cycle is well-rounded.

While Methandrostenolone is effective, it’s more suitable for advanced users in the 8-12 week cycle.

We suggest you take Methandrostenolone for four – six weeks followed by Var for 6 weeks.

Note that the 12 week cycle is over the 8 week maximum limit recommended, so try this only if you’re an advanced user.

For women:

Women on the Anavar cycle should start with 5 mg a day and if there are no side effects, increase the dosage to 20mg.

Most women get satisfactory results with 10 mg a day though, but regardless which you choose, divide the amount two dosages per day, once in the morning and another before you go to bed at night.

The typical cycle length for women is 6 weeks, but if you take the higher Anavar dosage mentioned and are an advanced user, the cycle can be extended to 8 weeks.

The best stacks are:

  • Winstrol
  • Clenbuterol
  • Primobolan

Regardless which of these you use to stack with Var, don’t take more than 20 mg.

How to Make the Most of Anavar

For women, an Anavar only cycle provides several benefits, but the most important are lean muscle tissues and mass.

Women don’t have to use it during the cutting cycle, but the benefits will be more pronounced if used during that period.

For female athletes the physical changes can be especially effective.

For men, the most effective method is to use Anavar while you’re reducing body fat, and make sure to include testosterone to enhance the effect.

There are a lot of T boosters and supplements so choose one that will make up for the hypothalamic-pituitary gonadal axis reduction.

By using a testosterone supplement with Anavar and any of the stacks mentioned above, lack of energy and libido will be avoided.

How to Prevent Side Effects

The side effects may include the following:

  • Frequent urination
  • Breast Tenderness
  • Acne or other skin problems
  • Masculinization
  • Enlarged breasts

Some of the rarer side effects that have been associated with it are iron deficiency resulting in anemia, enlarged prostate, thickening of the skin, some water retention and leg cramps.

These Anavar side effects for the most part, can be prevented if you follow the dosages given above.

You’ll also need to follow a healthy diet and work out regularly to gain the best results.

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